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Keep rice flour, gram flour(basen), dry fruits, refined flour(maida), semolina(suji) in a polythene cover in refrigerator when you want them stored for a long time.

Sattu drink (Salty)


It is the most running and traditional drink of bhojpuries in summers. Sattu is made of scientific formula. Sattu is a special unique drink with a good source of natural fibre and carbohydrates. It refreshes the brain. It contains no artificial colour and any type of chemical. It is the best drink for whole family. It is made with , Roasted gram and barley (jaw ) it gives power and easy to digest.sattu drinks can be made in many ways...

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At a glance
Cooking Method
Very Easy
2 persons

* Roasted gram flour(Sattu) -1 tbs
* Roasted barley flour(jaw ka sattu)-1/2tbs (optional)
* Roasted cumin seed powder-1tsp
* Black salt-a pinch of
* Onion(small)-1/2 finely chopped
* Salt -as required
* Lemon juice-2 tbs
* Water-1 glass of
* Mint leaves(optional)-chopped
* Green chilly-1/2-chopped (optional)


1. Sieve roasted gram and barley flour and soakĀ  in water, add chopped onion,green chilly, lemon juice, salt and black salt and roasted cumin powder and stir and mix well.
2. Keep it in refrigerator. Pour in glasses and serve with chopped mint leaves.


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